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The Buddhist After the Storm

San Pancho, Nayarit – Oct. 11, 2023

This morning, after the hurricane had passed, an unbelievable calmness was left in its wake,

Confused about the time change (or lack thereof) and after having had a surprisingly good sleep through the hurricane winds, I laced up my runners and went exploring.

It was early, before 7am, and I walked down a lonely cobblestone road (all the roads are cobblestone here) and found another entrance to the beach.

Shoes off, I walked to the end of the beach to the cliffs where crashing waves, leftovers from the hurricane, were flinging themselves violently on the shore with wild abandon.

Maybe this is normal for the waves here, because the beach is steep. I do not know as this is my first time seeing this section of beach.

The steepness of the beach has the waves meet the sand at a very sharp angle, almost perpendicular to the shore, hence the intensity of their contact.

I pick a spot up the rock a ways to sit.

My intention is to meditate but I am distracted by the show of liquid force below me, not to mention I have a head full to the brim of thoughts.

Maybe 30 minutes go by like this, totally distracted mind meandering.

I see two older men come to the end of the beach, taking pictures. I mistake one of them for a woman for a brief moment.

They begin to climb the rocks up towards me and I get nervous for a second. This is always the way, as a woman alone, you are always on your guard.

I have only just arrived in Mexico a few days ago and have yet to get my travelling legs under me to where I feel relaxed and at ease with my surroundings.

Discombobulated is the word that comes to mind and I have been disoriented by the fact that the electromagnetic fields here have been so much worse than I thought they would be. It is both disheartening and energy draining simultaneously and I wonder if this will affect my ability to focus on my work.

But I have decided I must put this aside as I am a big girl and I have brought myself here on a mission. I am determined to succeed. I refuse failure.

And here is where the magic begins...

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the two men now settle in on the cliff behind me... in meditation posture!

One is seated above the other on the rocks.

Now the three of us are all positioned in one line that points out at the roaring open ocean.

I become inspired to readjust my seat so I am now, too, in meditation pose (rather than haphazardly splayed out over the rocks as I was).

I close my eyes and join them.

Instantly, gratitude rushes through my whole being like the waves rushing the shore.

I am full.

I am at peace, totally.

A tear leaks from one eye and wanders down my cheek.

I sit that way for some time, mind empty, thanks to the energetic support of my new friends.

Eventually the sharpness of the rocks begin to poke into my body and cause me to squirm.

Satisfied, I namaskar to the sky, take a deep breath and rise.

I turn around and lift my gaze to my buddies. Only the one who looks like a woman is left there.

He namaskars to me when I look at him. I return it then follow it instinctively with hands on my heart in gratitude as I mouth the words “thank you” to him and lower my head in respect.

He nods.

It is a magical, silent exchange between two strangers like those things that only seem to happen when you are travelling and feeling vulnerable, a little unpinned, uncertain, open and a little bit lost in a new place.

When all the routines and known things, people and places are far away from you.

It is the serendipity of travelling.

Getting just what you need when you need it, even when you didn’t know you needed it because you know... flow.

Walking back through the water, I catch up with his friend, Tom, from California.

Of course, Californians.

Tom is visiting his friend Miguel (on the cliff) who has lived here full time for 17 years.

A lovely, lovely fellow.

As I continue on, walking back, Miguel catches up with me and invites me to his Buddhist meditation at noon at a local yoga studio.

Gracias, gracias, si! I will come.

This is exactamente what I need. Thank you. Gracias.


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