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On the advice of my doctor I decided to try yoga.  Much to my good fortune, Angie was my instructor.  My first class was stimulating, helpful and relaxing.  I was sold!  Angie is caring, helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable along with a sense of humour.  Thanks to Angie’s classes, I feel more flexible, relaxed and happy.   Ferne


I attended Angie’s Restorative yoga teacher training this spring and was extremely pleased with the classes.  I have been working with a marginalized population that may not ever have the opportunity to experience yoga. Angie’s teacher training gave me practical and gentle adaptations to share in my classes.   The training sessions were informative, easy to understand and taught skills in a way that was both fun and relaxing.

I have practiced yoga for 15 years and I can honestly say that Angie has such a gift in her teachings, whether it is in her yoga classes or her formal training.

I would recommend Angie’s teacher training to anyone who would like to further their skills in practice or with teaching, it was truly a beautiful experience to have been a part of. Thank you Angie.

 Terri Haggerty

I have numerous injuries due to living a very active lifestyle when I was younger and was very hesitant to try yoga as I thought it meant twisting yourself into a pretzel and that sounded painful!!!  My friend recommended Angie's gentle and restorative yoga class and I was very pleasantly surprised. No hard poses and she encouraged the use of blocks and bolsters to aid with any injured body parts. I was hooked!!  Angie has a very soothing voice and that enhanced the calming, gentle portion of the class. I thoroughly recommend her class to anyone with injuries or anyone wanting to try yoga for the first time.   Eileen


I took a mini Restorative Yoga Teacher Training taught by Angie in April of 2017. This was to help me learn more about gentle and restorative yoga practices and how to relate them to students or interested people. But more importantly to evolve it in my own life. I have only been doing yoga for a little over a year and a half now but have found myself drawn back to the restorative practices time after time. Even doing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training did not lead me away from my gentle practice. I find this is in large part to Angie's knowledge and skill in this area. Her classes and training's are inclusive of both the beginner and the yoga expert. If one is seeking help with an injury either emotionally or physically, Angie's practices and classes are fantastic! If it is the pursuit of knowledge and experience in gentle and restorative practices for teaching or to develop your own home practice I would have to recommend Angie! Thank you, Angie for all the wonderful work you do and your willingness to share it with the us!   charles

" I had the good fortune to learn from Angie, on a mini restorative training that she provided. Her style of teaching a class is just so natural and inclusive that I could not help but want to learn " the secrets of her style". There is so much information for her to share, her knowledge is vast and her approach is very thorough. I enjoyed all of it and would train with her again when the opportunity allows"  Barbara

My recent participation in Angie’s Restorative Course was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  Angie has this wonderful calming manner and a wealth of knowledge in this area.  The information was taught so well, and we were able to practice the poses in class and also have time to practice in group settings.   The training provided me with a solid foundation that I can use to teach a restorative class. The knowledge I have gained will help me in my regular class for grounding, voice control, and making my students feel that they are in the right place. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Tracey Mourre

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