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I am happy.

I don't have much.

I don't do much.

But I'm happy.

Sometimes I sneak out at night, in the pitch black. You can't see anything but you can hear it.

I move towards that wild sound, carefully picking my way and accidentally jumping out of my skin when a post appears out of nowhere in front of me. I think it is a wild animal.

I don't know how far the edge of the water is because it is in total and complete blackness.

It sounds very close and I know the afternoon's tide was so high it splashed up to the rocks and banks. 

So I stay back at a respectful distance in the blanket of darkness.

Her power is known to me.

There IS light.

It comes from above.

The sky is filled with the light of the milky way.

In the absolute darkness, the sky is a fancy light show. 

Sparkling and glittering.

I stare up and smile and listen.

I am happy.

I have time.

Life moves more slowly out here.

I don't feel rushed.


Everything will happen when it needs to.

Just like the trees will grow and the rain will fall.

I, too, will grow and my life will unfold.

- Margaret McLachlan


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