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Whenever the internet goes out, it's actually a bit relaxing. It's a chance to get offline and go out and experience the world as it was in the "old days". Hahaha.

This morning I went for a long walk up the Ganges on the other side of the river. It's more natural over there, quieter, less traffic.

The morning is the optimal time, because no one has woken up yet. Stores are closed. Things are quiet. It's peaceful. The wind blows pure prana down from the Himalayas. It's when you can get a true sense of the peace the sacred river offers. Its when you can get still and actually hear... things. The river speaks. The hills speak. There are messages on the wind.

This morning the river called me down, to sit by her side, on a rock, so I could listen. She beckoned me, so I went. It is not the first time she has called me or sang to me. We are old friends.

So it was good to sit with her again and to listen intently.

She said: "come, sit with me, and breathe. Be here, do nothing. Just be". How often do we do that?

Honestly, modern life is so distracting. There is so much going on, you just get deeper and deeper in it until one day, you say "why?" "what is it all for?" "How come?".

The river has no hustle, even as she smoothly flows by. No bustle.

These are the words she speaks to me: "You are doing just fine. The reason that you and everyone are experiencing anxiety, angst, mental worry and discomfort, lack of ease, is because we are in Kali Yug. It makes total sense and it is an entirely appropriate response to the craziness of the days you are living in. This feeling of anxiousness is completely appropriate for what you are currently living through. To NOT feel these things, would be unusual. It is a completely sane response. So do not try to push it away or think that something is wrong with you. It is right that you feel this way in this day and age. It is an appropriate response."

Kali Yuga is the last of the four stages or cycles the world goes through in Hinduism philosophy. Some believe we are in Kali Yuga now and it will end in 2025. This could be why we are experiencing dissatifaction and disconnection. Why spiritual practice can feel like it is tough going and why the morality and light of humanity has dimmed.

This is the belief.

Next is Satya Yuga, which is the golden age. The cycle of truth and light coming back. When human knowledge and enlightenment grows, and wars and suffering disappear. It is when everything is wholesome, virtuous, and authentic again.

I suppose this question was floating around in my mind, as I return here to this holy place, this place that brought me to tears, over and over as a deeper peace than I had ever experienced decended on me, 12 years ago.

The question was: "Why does it feel harder? Why do I feel further from the truth than ever, now? Why does everything feel like such a struggle, like you are trying to swim through a vat of molasses on a cold day?"

Why IS that, I wondered.

So I think it is that thought that the river felt to address for me today.

It is so delightful to receive these messages directly from source once again.

My spirit is soothed, knowing that everything is as it needs to be.

Everything is in order.

Nothing is actually wrong.

This too, shall pass.

Watch this video about a yogi I met by the river ten years ago

You can read more about Kali Yuga at

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