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Samara, Costa Rica

I am so happy I could cry.

In fact, it is so beautiful here, I DID cry.

My senses are soothed.

My eyes feast on the view.

My ears on the waves crashing to shore.

My nose, the aroma of sea water, sun and dry coconut husks in the hot air.

My skin, the softness of the humidity, sun and warm breeze.

Every cell of my body lets go.

I feel whole, I feel complete, I feel ... unbroken.

I swam in the sea and duck dove under the big surfable waves.

I meditated on the beach and ate ice cold ceviche.

Best day ever.

Sacrificed my green sarong from the South Pacific to the beach dogs who played with it and tore it to shreds playing tug of war. Great fun for them!

I watched them from the surf, my heart full of laughter and joy at their enjoyment.

"The Bahia" is owned by a beautiful French woman from France named Elize. Turns out she used to live right beside the village in the south of France, St. Jeannet, where I was an au pair for a summer.

I am reminded again how small the world is, what it feels like to be it's citizen, and to move around it and explore it.

I rejoice to be surrounded by the sounds of French and Spanish, not English and it causes all the Spanish words to come flooding back into my brain.

Elize does not speak English, only French and Spanish, so we have discovered that if she speaks to me slowly in French, I can understand, and I can speak my limited Spanish to her (which is the first language that hits my tongue when I tell my brain not to speak English) and she can understand it. So the conversation must sound funny, but if communication is happening, that is all that matters.

Most of the people here are speaking French or Spanish, and it is delightful.

It is quiet.

Everyone is just "being" and there is no pretense, no crowds, just everyone getting a much needed reprieve from whatever daily life looks like at home.

Not flashy, just real.

Before arriving I had looked into booking a shuttle from the airport... they need two people to make it go, unless i want to pay $100usd alone. I looked into renting a car, but it is expensive to pick up at one location and drop off at another, so I decided consciously to do nothing. To make no plan.

I decided to just wing it and let things take care of themselves.

On the plane just before we landed in Liberia, I struck up a conversation with the young woman beside me, only to learn that she was also going to Samara and had a shuttle booked with her sister and they were willing to take me along.

So it all worked out more perfectly than if I had forced a pre-made plan. So ya, that was how I arrived in Costa Rica this time.

Pura Vida!

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