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Falling in love all over again - Day 1

I am remembering why I love traveling.

It's the not knowing where you are going and having to actually PAY ATTENTION, to signs, to what is happening around you. It is relying on the kindness of strangers and having to have your "wits" about you, staying alert, like a wildcat in the jungle. Not getting lazy, fat and complacent, staying on your toes.

Traveling keeps you YOUNG because its not routine. It's not mind numbing sameness, day after day. Travel keeps you sharp because it's a survival thing. Sometimes you don't know where you are going to eat, where you are going sleep or how you are going to get from point A to point B. Nothing is taken for granted and that makes us feel alive.

It becomes very necessary to use your intuition, your sixth sense about things.

You have to interact fully with the people and the world around you. You cannot be metaphorically asleep. Now you need people, you need to be kind and friendly and a good vibe to get a positive response. It creates a force field around you that keeps you safe. At home, this is not so needed, or not so obvious, at least.

The sound of foreign languages , like music in your ears. The space inside your head, the relief from the chatter. The freedom to go wherever, whenever. The absence of a schedule nor a to do list.

I remember traveling solo.

I used to do it frequently. Your choices only affect you. If you make a bad one, only you suffer the consequences. Nor do you have to explain, rationalize or justify. None of that. No twenty minute long discussions about the pros and cons of turning up a particular street. You just point your feet and go.

Why do I find it so relaxing to be floating, free, unbound? I hear many who say traveling alone is terrifying. I almost bought into that on this trip. Feeling quite trepidatious, until that old feeling set back in: freedom, bliss, sheer joy.

I love watching the people in airports.

Things traveling teaches you:

patience, tolerance, trust, how to listen to your instincts, acceptance, equanimity. traveling gives you the beginners mind again, and PURA VIDA!

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