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The Little Engine That Could

It is SO interesting to me how... our perception of ourselves around something colors the outcome of that scenario.

It is rather like quantum physics.

Our perception of something greatly alters the outcome.

Its like that quote by Henry Ford: “if you believe you can, or you believe you can't, you are right”.

I love that expression and boy, am I living it, right now.

Working on some heavy back end website integration tech stuff and I am struggling.

I realize that I have this voice in the back of my head that is saying “you are not good at this technology stuff. Technology is not your strong suite”. Etc. Etc. "You and computers DO NOT MIX".

And I have said these words out loud before, dozens of times. So many times that I have started to believe it with all my heart. So much so that when I go to DO something technologically complicated, I have a mental block. Because I believe I am not good at it, I create that reality 100%!

The fun part is... I am noticing now, I have these breakthroughs where I somehow suspend that negative self talk for a moment and BOOM, the tech stuff unfolds like a charm. The block is removed and it is just smooth sailing.

So I am in the process of retraining my brain and belief system to believe that “yes! I CAN do it! It IS my strong suit”. And as such, it will be.

We can do this in any area of our life. When we tell ourselves that we are unsuccessful, that we don’t deserve love, money, success, happiness, whatever it is, we make that reality come true. We resonate at the frequency for that to happen, rather than the frequency for another reality to unfold.

Our thoughts and our inner talk is POWERFUL! So be aware of what you think and say to yourself. Be very very aware of the reality you are constantly manifesting.

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