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I often struggle with decision making. Am I the only one? Especially big decisions. Those are the worst. You can weigh the pros and cons, you can see each future laid out for you that might be the resulting path of a decision made one way or another, but still you can't choose. Often times I think there is an illusion of choice. How many times in life have you chosen one thing, only to have life "chose" something else for you, sometimes a totally unwanted direction, but yet, off you go. Then you discover later that, wow, that was exactly what needed to happen, even though it's not what I wanted in the moment.

So here is the conclusion I have come to:

It seems, you know when you have made the RIGHT decision, when the decision feels more and more right, over time. Like it just gets better and better til you start to think "Dang! That was an excellent decision I made back there" Yay! Good job!

Because honestly, when you first make that decision, it's a feeling that it is a crap shoot really, isn't it? It could go either way, right? We really don't know in that moment, we are just ... taking a swing.

I am learning that... I shouldn't be afraid of making decisions or of making "bad" ones. There are no "bad" decisions in the absolute sense. Poor decisions teach us what we DON'T want and good decisions teach us what we do. Learning and evolution result regardless...

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