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The spirit is alone

Living alone or being solitary has an innately spiritual aspect to it.

When someone is in your living space and you are around others a lot, one tends to share every little thing that passes through my head. Every thought, every impression, there is a lot of communication going on, a lot of talking.

When there is no one there to speak these to, the words, the communications get internalized, they get re-cycled so to speak. The energy that would have been lost through speaking or sharing, gets re-absorbed. It is a conservation of energy of sorts. Silence has a powerful effect on us.

When I was experimenting with observing silence in Rishikesh, the biggest thing that made itself apparent was what a waste of words it was, most of what we say in a day; unnecessary, rather meaningless chatter. The one place where I noticed speak was most valuable and most needed was in order to help someone, or save someone some trouble; to help someone. That is the most valuable purpose of speech. To share information that will make someone’s life easier.

Whether it is warning them of an impending danger, or just telling them the table is set before they go to the kitchen and gather all the plates and dishes for dinner.

Things I would share with a partner or roommate, when there is no one there, those thoughts go inward, as reflections. I have never minded travelling alone and have actually always preferred it. I often wrote about my impressions in a journal, as a substitute for a travelling companion. I liked it. Being alone you only have yourself to bounce ideas off of. And though a second brain can help figure things out sometimes, the work of one brain is pure, from the self, pure self creation and manifestation alone. The silence... is heaven.

Communication. Energy. Om

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