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Well, the website will never be done, let's just say that right now. It looks like something a child built but I can't tell you how much FUN I had designing it. Yes, I wanted to use every beautiful colour, font and every design, background and theme in the design of it, as you can tell, but I love it because actually, it kind of reflects who I am, I love colour, nature, variety, freedom, I don't like to follow the rules all that well.

It reminds me of life; how we try to fit in, and do what other expect of us, even if it doesn't really fit for us anymore. Sometimes I get fooled into thinking I should do it like everybody else, fit in, follow the rules, be normal.

Building this website was a creative endeavour, I enjoyed every minute of it, even the frustrating bits, because it was mine, because it was a reflection of me, my nature, my beliefs, and getting to share that out in the world is very gratifying.

Who cares if it isn't perfect. Neither am I. Yet, I am. We all are.

I encourage all people to go out there, do what you love, be yourself, be creative, don't worry about what others are going to think. (I can't believe I am still learning this at 43 :D).


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