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More musings on death

I've been thinking about death.

Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that my heart and spirit have been processing it, not my rational, analytical brain. (Although it IS the rational/analytical brain that puts together these thoughts on paper).

The message coming through seems to come from heart and spirit, from that inner place of knowing and feeling.

What are we left with after our beloveds crossover?

When their physical body is no longer with us?

The answer to that is that we are left with ... their essence.

We are left with... the imprint.

We are left with what they embodied when they were here in physical form.

I haven’t had a lot of death happen close to me in this lifetime.

My grandparents all went at ripe old ages and peacefully.

The recent passing of my cherished canine friend is the one that is causing the stirring up of all these thoughts, feelings and musings.

Our lab cross’s name was Buyo. She was named after a Japanese cartoon (manga) cat.

But she wouldn’t have held it against us that she was named after a cat.

She just wasn’t that kind of dog.

Like most dogs, her nature was forgiving, accepting and loving.

What I am left with after her passing is now the essence of her nature.

The teaching she gave me was to be kind, gentle and non-judgemental.

She was a very easy to get along with individual.

She never picked fights, always kept the peace and avoided confrontation.

When others were violent or aggressive around her, she was always cool, calm, steady and kind under pressure.

That was her nature.

That is the essence of her and the teaching that she has left me with.

Thank you, dear buddy!! <3 xoxooxoxox

Every beloved soul has an essence, their true nature, that they share with those they touch before they crossover.

That is their gift to us.

Our job now, is to carry the beauty of that essence for them and share it outward in their honour.

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