Today it is breathtakingly, HEARTBREAKINGLY beautiful, stunning, and awe-inducing here.

I could stand there and drink in the view for hours without moving.

It’s the feeling of being deep in meditation and feeling a profound connection to all things, completely internally at peace and full of bliss.

It’s just nature.

Just. Nature.

But it is all.

It is everything.

To look out over this vast clear green ocean and its rocks and its seaweed and its sand and its islands and its sky and its trees and wind and birds.... it heals you, heals your senses, returns you to yourself, returns you to your true nature, makes you see.

You return, changed.

You come back, different.

You have seen.

You are small.

Nature is big.

Nature is god.

This place has stolen my heart.

It is wild and I feel free and part of her.

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