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Bird's Eye View - Day 1


Once I got over the initial shock of traveling solo again. I began to remember how it felt to be free and me. Up above the clouds so high, you really do get a bird's eye view, not just of the earth below, but of your life that transpires there, there on the surface of the earth below.

When you are down there, living that life, it is easy to forget how interconnected we all are with eachother, the natural living world, the living breathing planet herself.

It becomes business as usual to become solely focused on what is going on on our own little plot of earth, our own square world. It is easy to forget about the rest of the world and our part in it, in the grande scheme of things.

Looking down at the little green squares below and the vast blue sky at eye level, the heart splashes a little inside my chest (thank you Paul Simon).

We suffer because we mistakenly believe we are separate , in competition and alone in our struggles. We suffer because we are not linked in to the collective consciousness where love and ease flow free.

Kindness expressed, multiplies.

Joy shared, grows. Smiles and laughter given, expand. It is the law. We are not alone. We are not on our own out here, competing for resources. This is a myth.

We are all arms and legs and elbows and pinky toenails of the SAME ORGANISM (I almost typed "orgasm" by mistake there, but it fits)

And you know what another name for this is, folks?


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