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Fear and Uncertainty

When fear and uncertainty are present, you can almost be guaranteed that you are on the right path. In fact, there really is never such a thing as the "wrong path". Every path is a teaching and a learning ground for us. But when we notice fear and uncertainty are present, we can be assured that we are up to big things. Only when we step out of our comfort zone and push into unknown territory do we experience fear and uncertainty.

We may have found that we spend most of our lives trying to avoid feelings of fear and keep uncertainty at bay, but these are a natural part of life and can be, in fact, markers that we are up to something. When we observe fear and uncertainty being present in our lives, this is the time to LEAN IN, folks! This is the time to go "yes! bring it on!", because when we find ourselves in fear and uncertainty we know we are working at our edge. This is where the real life begins. Where the real learning starts.

It takes a wee bit of practice to become comfortable with these uncomfortable emotions, to welcome them as valued teachers is a bit daunting at first. But if we see, over and over again, that... everything actually turns out alright in the end, we can learn to trust a little more, lean in a little more and recognize that fear and uncertainty are sure signs that we are ever growing and evolving. So bring it on fear! Bring it.

The beautiful and entertaining thing about it is that we can observe these feelings of fear and uncertainty arise, sit back and watch it come up for us. If we can get enough perspective to not identify with these thoughts and feelings as a solid reality, then it can be a little less intense and a little more amusing.

I'm still working on this. I'll let you know how it goes :)


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