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Prawn tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro green goddess sauce

Admittedly, I love anything like fish tacos, prawn tacos, seafood anything on a corn tortilla with lots of lime and cilantro and chili. I'm in love. This is a common craving. Doesn't help that it's cold outside and we just got another 6 inches of snow. All the more reason to wish we were in Mexico right now. LOL.

ANYHOOOO... the recipe:

Is too simple.

Sautee wild caught Argentinan prawns in garlic, olive oil and chili

Toast your corn tortillas in a pan to bring out the corn flavour

Grate some lactose free cheese (I know, most foodies would say "ewww, cheese on prawns? no way!" but i love it).

Cilantro green goddess dressing:

In a magic bullet:

handfull of fresh cilantro

juice of one very juicy lime

1 Tbsp of olive oil (or avocado oil)



one garlic clove, smashed in the mortar and pestle with salt

chili (i sometimes use sambal olek in a jar)

blend until smooth

adjust seasoning (salt and lime) as needed.

Makes a super fresh sauce with some nice zing

put this sauce and some salsa if you want, on your tacos with lettuce and EAT!

Que bueno!


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