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Salt spray in the eyes

It's very..... interesting, branching out on one's own, forging a new pathway through previously uncharted territory. I admit that I am venturing out into space unknown to me. Everything is new, everything I am learning is different, and I'm ok with that. Most days. :)

Some days it feels different like... oh, what have I done now, or sigh, I miss what it was or how it was before, but for the most part, I recognize that what becomes too familiar, too comfortable, causes one to stagnate.

There were so many things I loved about my life before, the people, the work, the environment. Nothing about that was broken or problematic. Some relationships posed a challenge, but perhaps the only thing truly problematic about it was that I was no longer sufficiently challenged, that I was too comfortable and as a result, not learning, not growing, not expanding any longer. Sometimes the hand of fate reaches down in your life and gives your destiny a turn and a twist, the wheel of change. Circumstances unfold as such as to force you to set out in a new direction, as scary and seemingly uncomfortable as it might be. Comfort is over-rated. Nothing is learned or gained by staying comfortable. A ship in a protected harbor stays safe, but never gets to see the world.

I am grateful for the universe, goddess, the divine, spirit, in its infinite wisdom, that it sets me back on course, which sometimes feels like OFF course, or pretty far from any course at all, and forces me to grow, to learn to trust my intuition again, to leap off tall buildings again, so I can remember what it is like to fly, to really fly.

I am grateful, dear universe, for the push. As messy as it might seem, as unwanted as it might have been, I am so grateful. And grateful too, for all the "players" in the game, even though I might have blamed you at the time. You, too, were only living out your dharma, playing out your karma. Who can fault anyone for that? Full of gratitude.

And so, we set a-sail, again on the seas of life, bobbing and swaying, riding the waves, finding our way, navigating from our guts. Everything is new again, eyes wide open, salt spray in them, full of gratitude. Thank you. <3

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