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Join us for our exceptional yoga retreats,  local and international...



In this unique retreat, you will learn about the deeper meaning of yoga beyond just the postures plus, explore the traditional practices and how they work as a technology for healing and wholeness on all levels.

You will emerge from this luxurious week knowing more what your life purpose is and what you truly need to be happier, healthier and full of vitality.   You will heal old issues whether they are physical, mental or emotional and leave feeling invigorated and inspired by your life path.

We are so excited to offer this opportunity for healing and rejuvenating the spirit, mind and body at this spectacular retreat location.

It is our vision to create the optimum environment for you to rest, heal and restore yourself back to your natural, relaxed and happy state. 

Freedom is built in to this specially crafted week.  You choose to do as little or as much as you wish.   We are at your service.


This is our offering to you. <3


You may choose which type of room you would like and if you would like to share with one other person (bring a friend or we can assign you one) double occupancy.

OR you can choose to book the whole room to yourself single occupancy.


with angie edgson yoga




To inquire about this retreat, email

2018 Retreat
Whole Yoga Retreat with Angie
"Everything India Taught Me"
I am very excited to offer this retreat locally at the Sorrento Centre, BC, 45 minutes from Kamloops. 
Too often, yoga is presented as primarily postures (asana).  In India, I was taught exactly what else is entailed in the word "YOGA".   Join me as I share both the formal and informal teachings I received during my time living there.
Friday thru Sunday, we will enjoy bright and gentle morning practices, relaxing evening yoga nidras, walking meditations, discussions on yoga philosophy and ayurveda, workshops on breath, and lots of opportunity for meditation, reflection, self-inquiry and connection.
Held in a natural restful setting near the lake.
Retreat as a way to move ourselves deeper into who we truly are.

This retreat is full!

Join us in COSTA RICA in 2020!

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Retreat begins Friday March 23rd early evening until Sunday March 25th after lunch
Sorrento Retreat Centre.  Located 45 minutes from Kamloops.
map and directions: click here.
Sorrento Centre has lake access, a dock and a perfect beach for reflection, meditation and quiet.
Dollars and Sense: (pun intended :)
cost will be $534.65 (taxes included) . 
(*based on double occupancy.  
For a private room there is an added surcharge of $105/weekend).
Etransfer or click the payment link below to pay by credit card.
Please let us know if you are visiting with a friend and would like to be booked in the same room.
What is Included:
- 2 nights accommodation in a comfortable lodge (see above for shared or single occupancy      
- Delicious meals including Friday dinner to Sunday lunch
- 2 morning yoga asana classes taught in the traditional akhanda style (modified for all-levels)
- 2 restorative yoga/yoga nidra guided relaxation sessions before bedtime for sweeter dreams
- 1 breath work (pranayama) workshop
- 2 conversations on yoga philosophy and ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of living
- Meditation, walking and seated
- Free time for reflection, self-inquiry, walking and napping :)
At this retreat you will have the option to explore fasting from technology and the opportunity to experience the powerful practice of mouna (observing silence).
Cultivate the quiet within.
Please choose your payment method below...

This retreat is full!

Next Whole Yoga Retreat: 2020 in COSTA RICA!

refund policy:  50% of total paid if cancellation occurs BEFORE December 31, 2017.  No refund is available after December 31, 2017.
click HERE to leave a message if you have questions about the upcoming retreat.
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