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Welcome back to fall classes with Angie!

(at the Yoga Loft - 409 Seymour St.)

This page is for returning student registration only (at returning student prices)

Please use these payment links to pay by credit card.

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(email me to arrange cash or cheque)

There are three fall sessions to choose from:

  • Sundays Sweet Sundays 11:30am-1pm

  • Wednesdays Restorative Bliss 10:45am-11:45am

  • Tues/Thurs Beginners Yoga 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Register for each session separately if you plan to register for more than one. :)

Sundays Sweet Sundays  11:30am-1pm

Sept 22 - Oct. 27, 2019

6 classes total


Returning students get one class free: $80+tax = $84


Sweet Sundays is a 90 minute class that includes active yoga poses, breath work, meditation and relaxation. A cornucopia of yoga awesomeness, during this fall session, each class will include a balanced sequence structured around developing one feature pose and one breathing technique. Be sure to send me your requests of any poses or breathing techniques in particular you would like to explore.

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Wednesdays Restorative Bliss  10:45am-11:45am

Sept 18 - Oct. 30, 2019

7 classes total


Returning students get one class free: $90+tax = $94.50

Wednesday Restorative Bliss is the way we have been enjoying our gentle restorative classes together for years. The first half the of the class is gentle movement to release stress on a cellular level and prepare the body to relax deeply in the restorative poses of the second half of the class. Includes a nice long guided relaxation at the end to completely reset and restore all your bodies systems.

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Tuesday/Thursday Beginners Yoga  2:30pm-3:30pm

Sept 17 - Oct. 31, 2019

14 classes total (meets twice a week)


Returning students get TWO classes free: $192+tax = $201.60

Beginners Yoga this fall session we will focus on one movement of the spine each week, plus one week of learning about core and one week for hips. So twisting, forward bending, back bending, side bending.. .. all the movements the spine needs to be healthy and strong. The last week, graduation week, we will focus on technique for relaxation and de-stressing.  All participants work at their own speed and capacity. No pressure to perform or achieve. Focus is on awareness and enjoyment.

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drop in $18/class

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