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with Angie

Drop in classes are currently ON HOLD
until further notice.
Thank you for your patience while I attend to family matters.
Much love.

Sunday              Mini Yoga Workshop        10:45-noon

Monday             Gentle & Restorative        12:00-1:00pm

 Wednesday      Foundations                       10:45-11:45am

Wednesday      Gentle & Restorative        12:00-1:00pm

All drop in classes are at

831 Victoria St. BACK ENTRANCE of

Let's Move Studio

Ample free parking behind Let's Move

and on Seymour Street

drop in $16 at the door

10 class punch card: $130




All Welcome


Gentle & Restorative

We do a little bit of very gentle movement to get the joints moving and the spine freed up before we relax lusciously upon bolsters, blankets and pillows to tease out our deepest states of relaxation for total rest and renewal.  The ultimate in de-stressing and harnessing our natural healing capabilities.  Ideal for those who are over-worked, possibly overwhelmed, injured, anxious or just plain tired and wanting nurturing.  Perfect for first timers.

Mini Yoga Workshop


Mini Yoga Workshop is a slightly more active class.  It is a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of a pose as we break it down each week. Totally appropriate for beginners and regular practitioners alike,  Get a mini yoga workshop for the price of a drop in class every Sunday.  One yoga posture will be featured each class and you will get to know all about that feature pose: its Sanskrit name, its benefits, variations, modifications, contraindications, proper alignment and how to prepare the body for happily doing it.  This unique class is a great compliment to your regular yoga practice, wherever you are.  Take the knowledge you gain here and incorporate it into your yoga anywhere.  Watch for more Mini Yoga Workshops popping up in January 2018.

Punch cards and unlimited passes can be used for these classes.




Good ol' Foundations.  :)   Slower moving than Foundational FLOW with more attention to details and holding poses.   Foundations is more active than the gentle class, you get a well balanced sequence to take care of all the body, including warm ups and relaxation.   A great place to jump in when you want more movement than the gentle/restorative classes but still want time to get in and out of poses at your own pace.  A good sprinkling of breath, meditation and other fun stuff can be found in Foundations.

Falling is good, in life and in yoga.  It is how we learn. Think of how many times you must have fallen while learning to walk.
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