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All are welcome to join THE 30 DAYS OF YOGA - FREEDOM!!
30 DAYS OF YOGA is FREE for all "Yoga with Everything" members (or $30 for non-members - see below)
Yoga with Everything is our interactive online community that gives back to populations and a planet in need.
Doors are open for new members to join Nov. 17 - 21.
$21.91/month gets you the 30 days of yoga, FREE, plus unlimited access to the complete yoga video library, gentle, intermediate, meditations, recipes, ayurveda and more!
Learn more or sign up here:
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You can sign up for the 30 DAY challenge ONLY....
$30 (for lifetime access)
Send an etransfer to
OR pay by credit card here:
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How does the 30 DAYS OF YOGA work??
After you sign up, either through joining the Yoga with Everything membership OR paying a one time $30 fee, you will receive one short and sweet daily yoga practice to do every day for 30 days.
You will receive these to your email inbox each morning. You have lifetime access to these videos, as long as you SAVE THE EMAILS with the video links in them.
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