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Wheels of Change

I WAS thinking to do a video or a Facebook “live” about this but decided to write instead. I love the feeling of pen on paper and still tend to write things on paper first, before I put them on the computer. Writing has always felt more comfortable for me than talking. It’s hard to find the right words when talking sometimes to convey exactly what I am truly feeling.

Life, for me, these past few months, has been a veritable whirlwind of change. A dear friend and student recently pointed that out to me. I am grateful for her insight and she was right.

Lots has happened in the last five months. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, which really freaked me out, because he has up, until this point, never had a health issue in his whole life. So I had that whole wake up call of “wow, my parents are NOT going to live forever”. I mean, we all know this right? Intellectually. But practically, it hits you like a ton of bricks and there is a lot of resistance to that truth you know? Like... that was a reality that, up until recently, I hadn’t fathomed.

So that was pretty big. I put classes on hold to be with him up in Williams Lake and I am happy to report that he is now doing really well, responding well to the chemotherapy and generally regaining a lot of energy, health and vitality at a fairly impressive speed. Go dad! Phew.

Then there was Costa Rica and our retreat (which was so magical), then I relocated my husband to Tofino for work (simultaneously heart-wrenching and exciting), then I came back to Kamloops and resumed classes at a beautiful new studio called Soul Change, created by Nicole Aracki and her buddy Paula Sword who is a photographer.

So now I am getting down to the business of really analyzing, what do I want out of life and WHERE do I need to be? Maybe you have found yourself asking this question (once or twice) yourself.

Do you have these moments in life when... there is a lot of change and it brings big questions up for you to look at, to really see which direction you want your life to go from here on in?

So here is what I have landed down with ....

It is a whirlwind, yes, but I realize that I have always thrived in an environment of constant change. It makes me feel alive and lit up and on fire about life. When things are the same for long periods, I grow bored and feel weighed down, dulled down, so to speak. I feel like I am not learning and growing as much. So I love the change. I welcome it.

Here are the some of the changes I will be making...


Moving forward on the business side of things... I am going to be incorporating more elements of “giving back” to those in need (including the environment). I’m building it into my business model because I have a deeply held belief that life is not about acquiring a bigger house, a nicer car, a fancier tv. Once we take care of the basic needs for ourselves and our family, I believe we are to use our extra resources, time and energy towards lifting others up and being of benefit to those in need somehow.

So we are planning to do just that with the new membership club of online yoga practices that is currently in development. After we launch August 1st, 2019, you will be able to take it for a spin, so to speak. I am over the moon excited about this project because it is something that aligns with my core beliefs and values most completely.

The founding members and I are hard at PLAY to bring that online community to your living room so you can do all kinds of yoga practices in the comfort of your own home.

*** If you have credits on account with me for punch cards or passes you have invested in, I will be sending an email to each of you very shortly. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know how much you have on credit.


I am also being called to move around a bit more.

There is a chance that next year, I may move to Tofino part time to be with Nakul, spend part of the year there, part of the year in Kamloops and part of the year running retreats and traveling, which is one of my true and lifelong passions. I feel like traveling is the way to get outside of yourself, to get over yourself and all your thrown ways of being and believing and experience places, people and cultures that change you on a core fundamental level.

It is a chance to grow in leaps and bounds.


I also believe in PLAY. Life should be fun, light, free. There should be joy and if we are not experiencing joy, we should seek what gives us joy.

I just joined a professional training program and in it, they ask us to think about what we stand for in life. I have been asked this before. Love. Freedom. Integrity. Honesty. Health. Kindness. Generosity. This is the beginning of my list.

I invite you to think about what this list looks like for you.

I also believe we are innately very powerful and that we have the power to heal ourselves. I believe that anything is possible and the world is our oyster.

So these are the values I am going to move forward with, in my business and in my life.

I invite you, now, to think about what lights you up in life and give yourself permission to move more towards that, whatever THAT is. There is always a way to invite more joy into life.

We can always re-invent ourselves. Even if we have been one way for a very long time, we can still re-birth ourselves, begin again. Om gum ganapataye namaha. Invoke the spirit of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, the god of new beginnings, and go forth.

If there is fear, good! That means we are pointed in the right direction. Your pot of gold lies on the other side of that fear, so let’s go into it, lean into it and breathe there.

I sure hope I get a chance to run into you somewhere, sometime. There are faces that I miss a lot. But each one holds a dear place inside my heart.

Much gratitude to you and props to you on YOUR journey, wherever it may take you.

May you be peaceful, happy and free.


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