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Winter Classes 2020

All our winter classes are held at the beautiful Yoga Loft - 409 Seymour St.

A big shout out to Paula P for stepping in to teach classes while I was away.

Thank you!

I am so happy t e

I am delighted to be back in Kamloops to offer these two new sessions of yoga for you at the Yoga Loft. I missed you guys!

Gentle Restorative Bliss with Angie

Wednesdays 10:45am-11:45am  

Feb.26 - Apr.22, 2020

9 classes in 9 weeks

at the Yoga Loft

EARLY BIRD now: $125 (incl. tax)

(Regular price $137)

Pay with credit card here

or send etransfer to

Wednesday Restorative Bliss  The first 30 minutes of the class is gentle movement to release stress on a cellular level and prepare the body to relax deeply in the restorative poses of the second half of the class. Includes a nice long guided relaxation at the end to completely reset and restore all your bodies systems. Great for de-stressing, deep rest, sleep enhancement, resetting the nervous system and boosting your immunity.


Yoga for the Terribly Tight with Angie

Tuesdays AND Thursdays 2:30pm-3:30pm  

Feb.25 - Apr.23, 2020

18 classes in 9 weeks

at the Yoga Loft (this class meets twice weekly to get "untight")

EARLY BIRD now: $239 (incl. tax)

(Regular $259)

Pay with credit card here

or send etransfer to

This fun session is more active than Restorative Bliss, yet still beginner friendly.  It will focus on stretching and loosening the tight body so that we can move freely and enjoy our daily activities with ease and joy. All participants work at their own speed and capacity. No pressure to perform or achieve. Focus is on awareness and enjoyment.

Members of our online yoga membership "Yoga with Everything" get 10% off the regular price. Email me to register.

If you have a credit with me, email me here so I can let you know the amount:

Drop in: $18/class